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An American’s Response To John McCain

Americans Deserve Better Than Obama And McCain When I saw John McCain’s hypocritical op-ed in Pravda, I felt compelled to respond. I hope you’re reading this, John, and I hope the people of Russia will see you for what you … Continue reading

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A Poem Worth Reading

He was getting old and paunchy And his hair was falling fast, And he sat around the Legion, Telling stories of the past. Of a war that he once fought in And the deeds that he had done, In his … Continue reading

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The Declaration Of Consent Revocation

A Declaration, by We The Free Men and Women of the States United: When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for a Free people to revoke the consent of governance which they have graciously bestowed upon a … Continue reading

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“No Ma’am.” Open Letter From A United States Marine To Senator Dianne Feinstein

Open letter from Corporal Joshua Boston to: Senator Dianne Feinstein, I will not register my weapons should this bill be passed, as I do not believe it is the government’s right to know what I own. Nor do I think … Continue reading

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A Friend’s View On What’s Happening In America

Written by Gambetta8888 Now it makes sense to me. Why Obama wants Americans to be dependent on food stamps, why is he legalizing possession of marijuana, why is he bringing in gun control laws and why allowing illegal immigrants to … Continue reading

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Oops, Are You Offended?

If you’re an easily offended person, you might want to stop reading now, because this may offend you. And frankly, I don’t care. I have opinions, thoughts, and feelings about things, I like to express them, and if you don’t … Continue reading

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#BenghaziGate – Questions I Want Answered

Four Americans were murdered in Benghazi on 9/11/2012: Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Ty Woods, and Glen Doherty. I honor their service to this country and pray for their families and friends. They, and the American people, deserve answers in an … Continue reading

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Treason, High Crimes and Misdemeanors: An Indictment of Barack Hussein Obama

Mr. Obama is not a natural born citizen as required by Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the United States Constitution. His father was a British subject residing in Kenya.  Mr. Obama has not provided a certified hard copy … Continue reading

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Obama’s Treason and the Persecution of Walter Fitzpatrick

LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, U.S. Navy Retired, is a decorated Veteran, Oathkeeper, American Patriot, and a good friend. After charging Obama with Treason in 2009, he discovered rampant corruption in the Tennessee judicial system and tried to do something … Continue reading

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Sharia Law Makes Islam Much More Than A Religion ~ Florida Family Association

Sharia law makes Islam much more than a religion.  Its broad doctrine and application to non-Muslims make Islam a political entity, a government with goals of global dominion. This report provides: Definition of Sharia law and relationship to Muslim faith. … Continue reading

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