A Friend’s View On What’s Happening In America

Written by Gambetta8888
Now it makes sense to me. Why Obama wants Americans to be dependent on food stamps, why is he legalizing possession of marijuana, why is he bringing in gun control laws and why allowing illegal immigrants to work and study in the United States! After reading an article on WND (I lost the link, will try to find it, it’s an amazing article, must read.) I am more than convinced that Obama is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is the antichrist that Christians, across the world, were looking for, he is the Muslim Brotherhood in disguise, a pro-radical Islamist in the White House. America gave him the mandate to promote American interests and that of its allies but all this man has been doing is promoting radical Islam worldwide. The latest example was his intentional failure to stop the U.N. from giving full statehood to “Palestine.” I said intentional because a month earlier he had called on the U.N. to address the issues that plague the Muslim world and the U.N. called on the member states to boycott businesses operating out of Israeli settlements. So when the U.N. unofficially led by Barack Obama accorded full statehood to “Palestine” it didn’t come to me as a surprise. It was all preplanned, predetermined – the humiliating defeat of the staunchest of ally of the United States in the Middle East – Israel! When Israel responded to the U.N.’s unfair decision by building more settlements in the West Bank and Hillary and William Hague, the British Foreign Secretary, screamed blood, I felt no shock. When Brzezinski said the U.S. should not follow Israel like a stupid mule it was all part of the conspiracy being hatched by Obama against America, Americans and her allies.
It then doesn’t matter that at the height of a war that was forced upon Israel by Hamas, Obama, instead of being there for Israel, should visit Naypyidaw to take up the cudgels on behalf of the minority Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.  His visit to Myanmar then reminded me of what he did in Benghazi. He ignored the pleas of Americans facing imminent death in Benghazi much the similar way he ignored Israelis. Myanmar saw one of the worst religious clashes in its history recently that involved minority Muslims and Buddhists. The clashes caused great resentment across the Muslim world with oil rich Muslim nations pressuring the Burmese government to put this violence to an immediate end. The large number of Muslim causalities in Myanmar initiated a raging debate in the world of radical Islam about how to help minority Muslims, how to initiate jihad in that country. Obama’s visit to Burma was nothing but a signal to the Islamic world that, no matter what, he was with them. He visited Myanmar to pressurize the Myanmar government to stop the killings of Muslims and take action against the Buddhist people there. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the next couple of months we hear Obama announcing a big economic package for Myanmar in the garb of promoting democracy in that country. By choosing to visit Myanmar at a time when America’s strongest ally Israel was in the thick of trouble, by choosing Rohingya Muslims over people of Israel, by visiting Asia Pacific (for no apparent reason) when he should be home working on how to stonewall Palestinian attempts to get full statehood in the U.N., Obama confirmed our fear – yes, we got a Muslim Brotherhood President in the White House. We have a president in the White House for whom the interests of Muslims within and across the world are more important than the interests of those Americans who entrusted him with their life and future, entrusted him with the life and future of their women and children.
He intends to make Americans dependent on food stamps, legalize possession of marijuana, bring in gun control laws and give amnesty to illegal immigrants at a time when the threat to America, Americans and American interests closer home is ever more greater than before. There are a huge number of intelligence reports of the presence of Iranian-backed terror groups in Latin America which include the Hezbollah, the Qud’s Force of Revolutionary Guards, the Rabbani group (responsible for the 1994 attack on Jewish cultural center that resulted in 85 dead and more than 150 injured) and Obama’s favorite al-Qaeda among many other such terror organizations. According to Ms Renee Pruneau Novakoff, a security analyst, the presence of such terror groups in Latin America poses a serious threat to the internal security of the United States. According to her, should the relations between Tehran and Washington further deteriorate, Iran could use these Latin America based terrorist groups or home grown Iranian terrorists in the United States to launch a major terror attack on America from within.
The attempt to assassinate the Saudi ambassador Adel al-Jubeir in Washington is a case in point. The main conspirator of this failed assassination attempt Manssor Arbabsiar, an Iranian born naturalized U.S. citizen, was being directed by the high ranking Iranian officials from Tehran. According to the case briefings Arababsiar named Gohlam Shakuri, an Iranian official connected with Quds Force, as co-conspirator. The plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the U.S. was hatched in Mexico and Arbabsiar traveled to Mexico from the U.S. on two different occasions. It was in Mexico that Arababsiar met this informant who actually had become a DEA agent after drug charges were dropped against him. Arababsiar, through this informant, wanted to meet the violent Mexican gangs to bump off the Saudi ambassador. Although the federal agencies in the U.S. called it a cheap plot but it shows the reach of Iran and other Muslim terrorist organizations insofar as attacking the U.S. from within is concerned. This incident proves that the terrorist’s organizations have the ability to strike the U.S. whenever and wherever it wants, but still nothing is being done.
I have no reason not to believe that Obama, being the President of the United States, is not aware of the presence of Hezbollah and other terror groups operating in Latin American countries, I have no reason not to believe that he is not aware of the fact that these terror groups are now actively seeking help from the Mexican drug cartels to further their terror agenda both in Latin America and America itself, I have no reason not to believe that he is not aware of the threat illegal immigrants crossing over from Mexican border to the U.S. pose to America and its people. Still, when he chooses to allow illegal immigrants to work and study in the U.S. it makes me shiver. Shiver because he is in a way legitimizing the presence of terrorists entering the U.S. through Mexican borders with the intention to inflict harm upon Americans. He is in a way intentionally adding to the already existing hundreds of sleeper cells belonging to various Muslim terrorist organizations in the United States.
What worries me more is that instead of strengthening the hands of Americans by making them aware of the threat they face, instead of strengthening the Americans with skills they would require to protect themselves and their loved ones should things go bad,  he is intentionally weakening them, demoralizing them by destroying everything they feel so proud of, destroying everything that is close to their heart, their faith, their beliefs, their way of life, their love for free speech, equality and liberty and right to life. He is destroying each and every one of them one by one. I understand being the president of such a powerful and vast nation as America is the most challenging and difficult job. I understand you are just one person and so much to be done to improve people’s lot. I understand sometimes you are not aware, sometimes things simply go out of control, sometimes what happens is but a coincidence and I am big believer of coincidences. I believe you were simply not aware of the Arab spring, I believe that being human you were fast asleep when the Muslim Brotherhood swept to power, I believe when Hamas fired rockets and Israel responded kindly you took it as a usual thing, I believe that the day the Benghazi attack happened you were suffering from diarrhea, I believe that what happened in the U.N. vis a vis Palestine was something you could not have stopped, I believe you were just as human as all of us doing sincerely your job.
But please explain to us all your intention to remove U.S. Missile Defence Systems from Europe and your administration’s furious attempts to help Arab nations acquire one? Explain to us all your support first to Libyan rebels and then the ones in Syria who, according to media reports, had among them a good number of al-Qaeda operatives? Explain to us all the logic behind continuing to engage Israel in a game of diplomacy, while Iran dashes towards acquiring a nuclear bomb relocating its labs deep in the womb of earth. If you didn’t like what happened in the U.N. vis a vis Palestine how come then your administration condemned Israel for building settlements in the West Bank in response to Palestine being accorded full statehood in the United Nations? Explain your silence over the threats issued by Turkey and Egypt and various other anti-Israel nations at the height of the Israeli operation in Gaza? Explain your attempts to bring down a pro-U.S. government in India, another U.S. ally? Explain your intentional failure to secure big ticket defence deals from the Indian government that went to France and Russia? Explain cutting down financial support to the Philippines fighting the most dangerous Islamic terrorist group on its soil, Abu Sayaf and giving millions of dollars to nations that support and produce terrorists? Explain the missing 20,000 missiles after the fall of the Libyan government and your intentional failure to trace those missiles? Explain your silence over what transpired between the Turkish diplomat and  Stevens prior to the Benghazi attack? Explain the intentional failure of the U.S. army, which has military bases all across the Middle East and Africa, to help save American lives in Benghazi? Explain the lack of security to the Americans on a day when American embassies worldwide are on high alert, in a place which was one of the most dangerous for Americans to be in at that moment, and on the day of the 9/11 anniversary? Explain cutting down of American defence budget at a time when the world is almost on the brink of a third world war, when the forces of evil called Iran, Russia, and China have all ganged up against America and American interests worldwide? Explain why you’re taking guns from Americans, why you’re giving guns to Mexican drug cartels?
Forget all that, explain to me how it is okay for the Muslims within the United States of America to not allow free speech, to demand separate gyms for women, to demand the Burqa in schools and colleges, to demand removal of the word God from the school text books but when a Christian makes a video exercising his right to free speech he is jailed, why? A Christian man was abused and given a head butt by a Muslim in a public place because he abused Islam, the guy who head-butted the Christian man making him bleed also had abused Mother Mary, still, in spite of the digital evidence against him it was not the Muslim who was charged with a felony but the Christian man, why? Why is it okay for Muslim men to have as many children as they want but not for Christians, for whom you advocate abortion clinics? What’s the reason behind finding the first Muslim immigrant to America, what is being planned to achieve? Why is your administration attempting to accommodate Sharia law in the American legal system rather than focusing on how to make immigrants respect law of the land of America?  How would you explain your intention to close down the Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba which is where you deserved to be after what happened in Benghazi?
Now I hear his administration is trying to legalize the possession of 28.5 grams or less marijuana by Americans. I want to know where that 28.5 grams or less marijuana would come from, would the government supply it or will it be supplied by the drug cartels from Latin America? If it’s the latter it would mean that if cops catch someone with that amount of drug they will not be able to arrest the person and carry out further investigation to ascertain the source from where it emanated, right? That small amount of marijuana could come from a bulk smuggled into the U.S. and when he makes possession of that so-called small amount of marijuana legal it means he is in a way legalizing the whole bunch of marijuana smuggled in from Latin American countries, right?
And is he now aware of the fact that drug smuggling is one of the major sources of terror funding? How would he know the 28 grams of marijuana smuggled into the U.S. border doesn’t belong to an Iranian terror gang? What about the people consuming his so-called “28.5 grams or less?” Marijuana being found positive when they apply for jobs? Obviously, they are not going to get those jobs then, so who will? Those illegal immigrants he is allowing to work and study in the U.S. by giving them amnesty? My understanding is that there are two kinds of illegal immigrants-those who illegally stay in the U.S. after their visas have expired and those who illegally enter the U.S. borders from Mexico. Now knowing the inroads that Hezbollah and other terror groups have made in Latin America, knowing their strike capabilities, knowing their intentions vis a vis the U.S., what if Iran starts infiltrating those terrorists from Latin America into the U.S.? There is already talk about the existence of hundreds of sleeper cells in the U.S., what about them? Wouldn’t the entry of these terrorists add to the already existing sleeper cells in the United States? What if in the event of a war leading to chaos and civil war within the United States these sleeper cells become active and start butchering the Americans? Americans don’t have guns – remember the gun control laws he wants to introduce? They are with the Mexican drug cartels. Fast and Furious?
When I put two and two together what my simple mind gets is a perfect recipe for mass murders of Americans. Control their population-ABORTIONS, make them dependent- FOOD STAMPS, take away their weapons-GUN CONTROL, give them marijuana-LEGALIZING THE POSSESSION OF 28.5 GRAMS OR LESS MARIJUANA and when they have become weak and defenceless INVITE THE BUTCHERS-THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, the HEZBOLLAHS the HAMAS, the Al QAEDAS! HAPPY EID! The biggest mistake America made after the 9/11 and subsequent invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan was to bring in the refugees from there to America, the same refugees who had become refugee because of the American invasion of their countries, the refugees who were to grow up feeding on stories of American atrocities told to them by their fellow Muslims, the same refugees who would one day acquire American citizenship, hold American passports, known as Americans but deep in their hearts their love for their motherland, their love for the land where they were born and lived, where those who gave them birth once lived would cause them to hate the very America that cradled them in her arms. It’s not for nothing Israelis say the threat is always from within, the real threat to America is actually from within and not from outside as much. When you look at increasing demands for Sharia, when you look at the culture of intolerance in schools, colleges and universities, when you look at the culture of Burqa politics invading various institutions you should know the seeds that were sown post-Iraq war in the United States have now started bearing fruit. Those poor and hungry refugees uprooted from their homes as a result of war, those weak and scared refugees have now become bold.
 You brought Africans as slaves in the U.S., the civil war happened, leading to equal rights for the African Americans. History is repeating itself but with a difference this time. That was a war for equal rights, a war African Americans fought so that their coming generations live in dignity and respect, a war for love and a war for peace. This war that is at the shores of America is a different kind, it’s to enslave and butcher the Americans, demolish the very symbols that America and Americans have been proud of, demolish the values and principles America has been built upon. This war doesn’t have a Martin Luther King Jr. saying he has a dream, a dream that is rooted in the American dream; this war has religious fanatics who have a dream which is deeply rooted in their ruthless and violent religious beliefs. This war doesn’t have a Martin Luther King Jr. who stood for love and peace; this war has rabid people whose hearts are filled with the utmost hatred of America and everything American, per se. The 9/11 and the attempt to construct a Mosque at the hallowed grounds was nothing but a sign of things to come. With a pro-radical Islamist President in the White House and the U.S. divided more than ever, I don’t think Americans in a few years from now would be any safer in their own beloved nation than they would in a place like Afghanistan. Ever spoken to British intelligence experts, ever known the fear the British are living under? The constant threat of terror attacks, the fear of chemical bombs? Have you ever been to South London and South France, the No Go Sharia Zones in these areas? If you don’t learn from what happened to Brits you will be worse off than them. Wake up and stop the Islamization of America before it’s too late. The end of America will be the end of the world.

About luchadora41

Born-again Christian Zionist; Conservative/Tea Partier; Chippewa; pro-Constitution; anti-Sharia; proud of all who dare to fight for freedom; support our troops; dedicated to restoring America; happy to know Jesus!
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11 Responses to A Friend’s View On What’s Happening In America

  1. Wow…you just now wake up to the fact that treason abounds in the White House! Rumors that the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrated the Government including Homeland Security and the Military are true. In 2008 a political Party facilitated the election of a Marxist to the Office of President. The Democratic Party accomplished what no nation could: a Coup d’etat without so much as firing a shot. There is a reason Obama was not vetted. His BC, SSN, and Selective Service Card are forged. He used College paper mills to advance in this culture. And, what of the GOP? They are accomplices to Obama’s usurpation of office because they refuse to investigate his crimes. But, waking up to the treason is not enough. We must prepare to fight for the Republic. Pray for peace, but prepare for war. America will not go down quietly. I pray that those responsible for the treason find themselves before a jury of patriots so that they may receive their just reward.

    • luchadora41 says:

      You’re absolutely right, Legatus, and thanks for your comments, as always. My friend who wrote this doesn’t live in America, but he sure does have a good grasp on what’s going on here now, and I’m glad to see Patriots in other nations waking up to what Obama has been doing. Like you, I pray for peace, but if Congress allows Obama to continue, and if Obama isn’t held responsible for his many crimes, I seriously wonder if a civil war is coming. I hope not, though. I hope he’s convicted of Treason and sent to prison.

      • gambetta8888 says:

        The instances of a head of state being impeached while he is still holding the office are very rare. I don’t think he will be impeached while he is in the office but it doesn’t mean the American’s should stop talking about his impeachment, they must not. But at the same time keep an eye on what’s happening in your neighborhood, your town, your city, your state. This war will be fought at two different levels-one would be to stop the government from bringing in anti people legislation, the other would be to ensure the enemy are not allowed within neighborhood, I mentioned earlier, it all starts with one seemingly innocent radical Muslim in your area followed by family and friends and it goes on until they start renting more flats, buying shops, opening butcher shops with halal meat etc ending in a mosque. Once a mosque is established the harassment starts, the threats symbolic, spoken and unspoken begins with harassment of local populace forcing them to sell their properties for a pittance. I am not imagining things, neither am I Islamophobic, I have seen it all many times over. So, if you must win this war first fortify your neighborhoods, form neighborhood defense committees to ensure your area doesn’t become South London or South France,

      • luchadora41 says:

        You’re absolutely right. We do need to be involved in our communities, pay attention to what is being taught in our schools, paying particular attention to how active CAIR may be in our communities. We need to ensure our city councils, mayors, and governors are educated about Islamic supremacism, as well as our churches and other institutions. In this case, being nice will kill us.

    • gambetta8888 says:

      I am learning. I never liked this guy, so was never interested in what he had been up to until the Arab Spring started and he began messing up with my country. He is trying to bring down a government that follows American principles of equality, liberty, free speech etc and replace it with an extreme right wing party that on the surface seems strongly anti Muslim but has extremely soft corner for an enemy nation which is an Islamic Republic. It was during the rule of this right wing party in my country our enemies were able to establish more than 1000 sleeper cells across the country. He is abusing the power invested in the President of the United States to abuse not only America but its allies worldwide. Under his New World Order he is bringing down pro-American, pro-Republican governments worldwide and replacing them with pro-Islamic, pro-Democratic governments to ensure that Republicans do not come to power until at least next hundred years. Its for this reason why a majority of democrats are rallying behind him. As far as GOP is concerned, I don’t really know why they should unless they too have been either bought over or coerced (intimidation and blackmail) into submission, something he perhaps did to Chris Christie and many others. The problem with most men in power is that they think are above law, that nobody can touch them so they indulge in abuse of power turning themselves into an easy prey for men like Obama. Prayers and Preparation-Prayers for Peace, Preparation to fight for Peace.

      • luchadora41 says:

        Agreed, Gambetta, and great article! Thanks for letting me post it here, my friend. Yes, Obama was created and groomed to bring America down, and he’s doing a good job of it. Many say he’s inept. I disagree… he knows exactly what he’s doing. And that comment about the 57 states? Well, the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) has 57 states.

  2. gambetta8888 says:

    Wow, I didn’t know that OIC has 57 states! I am shocked, I mean I don’t know what to say to this. The man is obsessed with Islam, he is obsessed with Islam and Islamic nations. Nothing bad about it but then he is destroying America and American allies and that is something that makes me worried. I totally agree with you when you say he knows exactly what he is doing-be it Israeli defeat in the UN or Benghazi, he knew what he was doing and why. He is kind of shoving Islam down your throat. He is butchering us all Kristy.

    • luchadora41 says:

      Yes, he is butchering us, Gambetta, and it needs to stop. Who’s going to stop him? Congress? The Senate? No, they would have already stopped him by now. In my opinion Obama is a Muslim Brotherhood operative, and he has employed other MB operatives in his regime, such as Huma Abedin, Dalia Mogahed, and others. Isn’t it interesting that the Muslim Brotherhood had been banned in Egypt until Obama offered them the two front rows for his 2009 Cairo speech?

      • gambetta8888 says:

        Front rows to them in 2009 speech! The more I know this man, the more I become sad and frustrated. Who is going to stop him? People, people like you, people like those on twitter. Only you guys can stop him and those on the ground coming towards you with an intention to inflict harm.

  3. Sherry says:

    This was a great read but I wonder how many stopped reading it after the author said he believed Obama is the AntiChrist. I almost stopped reading myself. He may be smart and a puppet but he’s not the AntiChrist, just an antichrist which most world leaders are.

    God bless you, luchadora!

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