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Obama’s Treason and the Persecution of Walter Fitzpatrick

LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, U.S. Navy Retired, is a decorated Veteran, Oathkeeper, American Patriot, and a good friend. After charging Obama with Treason in 2009, he discovered rampant corruption in the Tennessee judicial system and tried to do something … Continue reading

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Sharia Law Makes Islam Much More Than A Religion ~ Florida Family Association

Sharia law makes Islam much more than a religion.  Its broad doctrine and application to non-Muslims make Islam a political entity, a government with goals of global dominion. This report provides: Definition of Sharia law and relationship to Muslim faith. … Continue reading

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So You Want My Vote?

Dear Candidate, I’m so glad to see you’re running for office and I thank you for being concerned enough about our nation to try to make a difference. Patriotism is the essence of America and citizens like yourself will be … Continue reading

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