State of the Union June 2012

While our politicians trample on the United States Constitution, we sign petitions. As they break their Oaths to the Constitution, and their promises to us, we join more groups. We watch the news and report it. We read articles and tweet them. We’re so busy keeping up with events, our lives, our emails and tweets that multitasking has become an art. We call our Representatives, Senators, and Council members and hang up feeling like we’ve accomplished something. We write letters and emails and wonder if they’re even read. We attend rallies and protests, and occasionally our voices are heard. Granted, there have been some victories. Are there enough victories, though? What about some of the bigger issues facing America today? What are they and what can we do about it that we haven’t already been doing? We’ve been making so much noise about the following issues that you would think we would have been listened to by now, but sadly, that isn’t the case, and I, for one, am tired of not being heard by those who are supposed to represent us.

1. Fast and Furious: Attorney General Eric Holder of the Department of Justice is obstructing justice in the Fast and Furious case and Congress is allowing it. The DOJ sold guns, including AK-47s and rifles, to Mexican drug cartels and two U.S. agents were killed along with an untold number of Mexican citizens. Rep. Darrell Issa has subpoenaed documents which Holder has refused to provide, a contempt charge was mentioned, nothing’s been done, and this has gone on for far too long. The families of Brian Terry (8/11/70 – 12/15/2010) and Jaime Zapata (5/7/1978 – 2/15/2011) deserve answers, the families of the untold number of Mexican citizens who have died deserve answers, and so do the American people. Is Eric Holder above the law? Is Congress ineffective? Guns were sold illegally by the DOJ, people were killed, and no one has been prosecuted.

2. Black Panther voter intimidation case: In 2008, armed members of the New Black Panther Party were caught on tape brandishing weapons and intimidating voters. The DOJ initially filed a lawsuit and DOJ Attorney J. Christian Adams pursued the case. Before a final judgment could be entered in May 2009, Mr. Adams’ superiors ordered him to dismiss the case. Mr. Adams wrote, “The New Black Panther case was the simplest and most obvious violation of federal law I saw in my Justice Department career. Because of the corrupt nature of the dismissal, statements falsely characterizing the case and, most of all, indefensible orders for the career attorneys not to comply with lawful subpoenas investigating the dismissal, this month I resigned my position as a Department of Justice (DOJ) attorney.”  AG Eric Holder has made it clear he doesn’t want to prosecute “his own people.”

3. Barack Obama eligibility: According to Article 2 of the U.S. Constitution, the President of the United States must be a natural born citizen, meaning that the father must be an American citizen. Barack Obama’s father was a British subject living in Kenya, never a U.S. citizen. The first Executive Order Barack Obama signed was to have his records sealed. After questions arose regarding where Obama was born, many citizens nationwide demanded to see his birth certificate. After stalling for three years, Mr. Obama submitted a birth certificate online, satisfying some but raising more questions than answers for others. After some time, approximately 250 residents of Maricopa County, Arizona approached Sheriff Joe Arpaio and asked for an investigation. In a press conference six months later, Lead Investigator Mike Zullo showed us step by step how they have come to the conclusion, after intensive investigation, that they believe the long form birth certificate Mr. Obama submitted is a computer generated forgery. Sheriff Arpaio has asked the State of Hawaii, where Mr. Obama was purportedly born, for a microfiche record of the birth certificate, and Hawaii has not provided one.  It should be noted that whether or not Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, he still remains ineligible to be President due to the natural born citizen clause of the United States Constitution.

4. State sovereignty and America’s southern borders:  America’s southern borders are being invaded by illegal aliens, Hezbollah, and others while citizens on both sides of the border are being killed. One of the primary duties of the President is to protect the American citizens and Mr. Obama has failed to do this. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer passed into law S.B. 1070, which would have allowed Arizona to protect its own borders, and instead of supporting this measure, Mr. Obama, through the Department of Justice headed by AG Eric Holder, filed a lawsuit against the State of Arizona and Governor Brewer.

5. The Muslim Brotherhood in the White House: The Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan) was founded in Egypt in 1928 by Hassan al-Banna, and the group has been banned from Egypt until very recently. The so-called Arab Spring has turned into an Islamic Muslim Brotherhood uprising, and the Obama regime has welcomed it with open arms. In his 2009 Cairo speech, Mr. Obama reserved the two front rows for the Muslim Brotherhood, and stated in his book, the Audacity of Hope, “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” Three of the White House’s closest advisers, Valerie Jarrett, Dalia Mogahed and Huma Abedin, have ties to Ikhwan, and the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is allowed to operate freely in the United States. CAIR has been found to be a Hamas front group, named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism funding trial.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s stated goal for North America: “The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.” (Scroll down for English.)

I could go on, but you get the picture. The question is: what’s being done to remove Barack Obama and Eric Holder from office? Has Congress called for their impeachment and/or removal? Has any leader but New Hampshire State Representative Harry Accornero publicly charged Mr. Obama in the commission of Treason? Commander Walter Fitzpatrick, U.S. Navy Retired, has filed three criminal complaints against Obama for Treason. I’ve filed one, as have many other citizens nationwide. Has a Grand Jury taken up the case? No. Are they going to? I doubt it, not unless we make ourselves heard in a big way. That’s where COP comes in.

COP, the Constitutional Oversight Posse, is a citizens generated organization that fully intends to hold those government officials to account for breaking their Oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution. It is time for the American people to be heard, and this will only happen when we make our voices loud enough to be heard. We are actively trying to add one million names to our list, and you can help. As an Executive Board Member myself, I’d be happy with 10,ooo names. If you’ve already added your name, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you haven’t, please read the COP proposal here:

If you agree with our proposal, please add your name on the Contact Form, and we will send you a welcome letter very soon. Please share this website and help us spread the word. This is a grassroots effort and your help is needed, and appreciated. Just think, if we can put enough pressure on the Speaker of the House and the GOP leadership to remove Mr. Obama and Mr. Holder from office, we will have accomplished what should have been done a long time ago. All we need are names, and we hope you’ll add yours and share this. Three noteworthy names added to COP are NH State Rep. Harry Accornero, Muslim Mafia author Dave Gaubatz, and Presidential candidate Dr. Terry Jones. Please help us get more names, Patriots, we don’t have much time! God bless you, and God bless America!

Kristy Lonestar

About luchadora41

Born-again Christian Zionist; Conservative/Tea Partier; Chippewa; pro-Constitution; anti-Sharia; proud of all who dare to fight for freedom; support our troops; dedicated to restoring America; happy to know Jesus!
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