Natural Born Citizen?

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Born-again Christian Zionist; Conservative/Tea Partier; Chippewa; pro-Constitution; anti-Sharia; proud of all who dare to fight for freedom; support our troops; dedicated to restoring America; happy to know Jesus!
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2 Responses to Natural Born Citizen?

  1. The real issue is the treason committed by several Democratic party members who falsified Obama’s eligibility for the Office of President. Likewise, both political parties fail to honor their oath to defend the constitution are guilty of treason too. Finally, the Officer Corps of our fine military are guilty of violating their oath for doing nothing to restore the Republic. The military is guilty too of obeying unlawful orders issued by an illegitimate President to attack a sovereign nation like Libya.

    • luchadora41 says:

      True. The Democratic party failed miserably in their duties to properly vet Obama, the media continued this deception, and he remains in power. Most of the House and Senate are now complicit and should be indicted on the charges of Misprision of Treason, because they know he has committed Treason against the United States of America and remain silent. And yes, you’re absolutely correct… America was not under attack, nor were we threatened, when Obama attacked Libya. Legatus, you’re the best!

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