The First Amendment Repeal Act

Congress is considering repealing the First Amendment.  This is not shocking.  Politicians in Washington hate that pesky thing we call the bill of rights.  They hate the fact we can criticize them and expose their deeds to the light of day.   Now there is a new bill in front of Congress that would destroy the rights of Internet website owners and open the
door for horrible abuses. What is it?

It is called the Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property (Protect IP).

Ignoring the idiotic names that Washington manages to come up with for these bizarre bills, this bill is beyond dangerous.  In some ways, it could be called repeal of the First Amendment.

Among other things, this bill allows the government to go in and take any site that it believes is violating copyright laws and remove it at the DNS server.  What that means is your site cannot be located by a search engine or even if you type the site name in directly.  If the government has that power, they can “disappear” you from the internet.   Search engines (which are technically third party sites) would be required to scrub you from their registries (presumably including all cached versions of your site) and disable all links.

Can you imagine this kind of power in the hands of the government?  A government official does not like the fact that your website criticizes the government so he or she decides they are going to take you off the internet based on a claim that you may or may not have violated copyright law.  This is the power this bill gives the government.

If your site happens to be a business, such as a news outlet, by the time you have this straightened out, if you are still in business, you have to totally rebuild.  This is a death penalty for a website.

In addition, the bill also calls for a “private right of action.”  What that means in plain, non-lawyer English is that someone who believes their intellectual property rights have been violated, may sue.  In addition to simply suing, the plaintiff can go and seek a temporary restraining
order shutting your site down.

Once someone’s site is shut down, the only way the owner can get their site running again is if they have their day in court.  Most of the websites on the Internet are either run by individuals or small
businesses.  If the website is shut down by a TRO, it is very unlikely that business or individual would have the resources to go to court.  Or put another way, at $500 an hour, how much justice can you afford?

The Internet is the 21st Century equivalent of the printing press.   The Internet is now the home of the press and the First Amendment our founding fathers thought was so important to include in the Bill of Rights.

We must stand and fight against this terrible bill.  There are many in the government who consider citizens and the rights citizens enjoy to be the biggest threat this country faces and would gladly do what it
takes to ensure that we are silenced.


Call your Senators and Congressman today and tell them to vote against the “Protect IP” bill.

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Replies to This Discussion

Paul PhaneufPermalink Reply by Paul
25 minutes ago

I read about this absurd bill.  Hopefully we have enough patriots in Congress
that something like this would be DOA, however, we’re talking about Congress
which is the institution that has abdicated their legislative prerogatives to
the Executive and Judicial Branches of government.

Just when I thought they couldn’t disgust or disappoint me more…

Ed BetterleyPermalink Reply by Ed
18 minutes ago
Bring it. After 2/3 of
Congress approves it and 3/4 of the states agree we’ll have an amendment. In the
meantime all we have is overpaid bureaucrats shooting off their Marxist agenda –
again. U know, the US Constitution they all swore to protect and defend. Time to
sharpen the pitchforks.
Thomas AnglePermalink Reply by Thomas
6 minutes ago

They just need a majority vote. They’ll call it law and we as a whole will
take it like always.

You sharpen the pitch forks and I’ll start heating the tar.

L CPermalink Reply by L
21 minutes ago

Oh my gosh!  I can’t believe this!  What an attempt to control all “news”
prior to the election.  This is amazing, especially here in the United


If this goes through, we’ll be taken back to the days of clandestine
meetings in basements like in the days of World War II.  Everyone needs to write
their Representatives and stop this thing.  What happened to upholding our
constitution?  Can’t we get these people out of office for not upholding their

Ron YearyPermalink Reply by Ron
17 minutes ago

State Sponsored Internet….

Can anyone say Communist China?

Pat ChadwellPermalink Reply by Pat
16 minutes ago
All you have to do is look
at the third world countrys.. If you say something that they dont like then you
are called a infidel an you will not be seen or heard from again…
Dennis DonnerPermalink Reply by Dennis
15 minutes ago
Who are the individuals
sponsoring this bill?
Norma J. SearsPermalink Reply by Norma
J. Sears
10 minutes ago
Good question.
OneCitizenOfTheRepublicPermalink Reply by OneCitizenOfTheRepublic
8 minutes ago
Do your own homework Dennis

S. 968: Preventing Real Online
Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property Act of

112th Congress: 2011-2012


A bill to prevent online
threats to economic creativity and theft of intellectual property, and for other

Finnegan's WakeupPermalink Reply by Finnegan’s
15 minutes ago

On this one, even most liberals I know would be on our side.


I want to know who in Congress is for this, because they are our enemies,
even if this particular bill end up in the garbabe.

Victoria KnoxPermalink Reply by Victoria
14 minutes ago
It’s interesting that such a bill would be initiated only after
conservatives finally got the hang of social media and blogging.
Roger PecsokPermalink Reply by Roger
13 minutes ago

This bill would be so easy to be included in some sort of anti-terrorism bill
(patriot act).

Should goggle it, but who is sponsoring this bill?



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