Once Upon A Crime ~ Open Letter To America

Open Letter to America                                                         March 5, 2010
“Once Upon a Crime”
Written by Robert Quinn
 (Tale  of a “flawed” birth certificate now threatening our Constitution and our country.)                                                                   
     A long time  ago, about one and one half years or so, I received an e-mail questioning the  authenticity of a Hawaiian birth certificate which Barack Obama had posted on  the “Daily Kos” website to silence claims that he might not be eligibile to seek  the Presidency of the United States.Was this the “transparency” he promised  America? It seemed so until questioners pointed out that his posted document  (which I’ve seen and copied),titled “Certification of Live Birth” (COLB) had the  birth certificate number blacked out, contained no birth hospital name,  attending physician’s name, birth witnesses name,etc. All required  information….and all missing! This was “transparency”?
     Article  II,Section 1 of The Constitution states “no person except a natural-born citizen of the United States at the time of the adoption  of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President…” The only  Hawaiian document conferring natural-born status was a Certificate of Live Birth, which would have all the above  missing information on it. A “Certification of Live Birth” (COLB) only confers,  at best, a naturalized citizenship status. Obama, a Constitutional scholar, was  obviously aware of this and knew that he could not allow the Hawaiian Dept.of  Hospitals original birth certificate to be seen for if it agreed (which he so  claimed) with the COLB he had posted on Daily Kos he was thereby ineligible to  seek the Presidency; hence, a reason for his spending (to date) an estimated  two-million dollars in legal fees to prevent disclosure! Imagine-if it was a  true “Certificate of Live Birth” he would have posted it immediately, not  substitute a false or limited document in its place, unless he was hiding  something incriminating.
                                                    Seeking Truth-Are We Asking Too Much?
     Copies of my  letters which questioned Obama’s eligibility went to all on my e-mail list and  to those specifically quoted or referred to in those letters. Below, following  each quote or reference, are my comments and any response received.
          A federal  judge, James Robertson (U.S.District Court-Wash.D.C.),throwing out one lawsuit  stated Obama’s citizenship was “thoroughly vetted and massaged by America’s  vigilant citizenry during his two year Presidential campaign”. Nonsense! In  truth, then-Senator Obama had his attorneys block the release of any documents  which might have confirmed (or denied) his eligibility. The judge’s above  statement was completely false since he and the rest of America never had access  to these documents. Also, candidates are not vetted by “America’s vigilant  citizens”. The Constitution spells out the requirements and  procedure.
The Judge’s  response:SILENCE
            Bill  O’Reilly of Fox News told his national audience that Fox could have easily  obtained a copy of Obama’s Original birth certificate from the Health Dept. Not  true! I wrote to him that this was a completely false statement since the  records were sealed from public access. He never retracted this  falsehood….never advised his audience that he had misinformed them. Lawyers  presently arguing cases on this issue could have enlightened him had he asked.  He also refused to explain why Fox never attempted to secure or view a copy of  the Original birth certificate. That would have been the obvious action to  expect from Fox. O’Reilly’s response:SILENCE-both toward me and, more importantly, toward his viewers and  listeners.
              Glenn Beck of Fox News said “birthers believe Obama’s KGB Control may have put  his birth announcement in 1961 Hawaiian newspapers with a roadmap of getting an  African man into office.” A funny but meaningless comment. I had written him  that Hawaii automatically notified newspapers of reported new births and  individuals could also place birth announcements. Remember, securing a U.S. naturalized citizenship status for one’s baby had many advantages for  later on but eligibility to seek the Presidency was not one of them. Beck also  considered anyone questioning Obama’s eligibility as “dumb”. Are the plaintiffs  and lawyers “dumb”? Are the judges presently hearing legal challenges also  “dumb” for so doing? I also advised him that “we are speaking about Presidential  eligibility, an issue which our Founders felt important enough to become the  second article in our Constitution-not a footnote or suggestion!
    Beck’s  response:SILENCE
                The U.S. Supreme Court received copies of all these letters, covering  Obama’s refusal to allow release of his Hawaiian Hospital certificate of live  birth, his 1981 Passport to Pakistan,Occidental College entrance records, his  disdain for our Constitutional requirements and for the servicemen and women who  risked their  careers through lawsuits which simply asked Obama to confirm  his eligibility. So serious is this issue that I sent five copies of each  relevant letter to each of the nine members of the Court-forty five copies in  all.
      The  Court’s response:SILENCE-not one member even acknowledged receipt of my letters.  How sad….earlier I had asked “If the Supreme Court ignores this issue what  need have we for a Supreme Court?” Has their silence answered that  question?
                                                                  Halt-Who Goes There ?
     If the  above-challenge was given by sentries to the three million members of the  U.S.Military worldwide and required a true original birth certificate be  produced, only one person, I repeat, one person would refuse to produce it, as  he has refused every previous request….Barack Obama, the Commander-in-Chief of  the Armed  Forces. How can anyone fail to realize the implication of such a  refusal?
                                                                  REFLECTIONS  FOR THOSE WHO DISMISS CHALLENGES TO OBAMA’S ELIGIBILITY
       REFLECTION: Obama knowingly posted a limited or a false COLB on a website,  claiming that the Hospital copy matched his. If so, that would have made  both  documents COLB’S and Obama a “naturalized” citizen at best. Once  challenged, however, he realized the implication and immediately refused any  access(to date) to the Hospital copy. Why? If it was a true “Certificate of Live  Birth” at worse it would make his initial claim of being identical to his  copy false but it would not
make him ineligible for the Office.  If,however, it was not a “Certificate of Live Birth”….need I  continue?
        REFLECTION: Whenever Obama’s attorneys appeared in court to defend him they never  once offered a Certificate of Live Birth to prove his eligibility, instead  claiming Plaintiff’s or Courts had no “standing” on the issue. Would they  use this defense if Iran agreed to discuss nuclear disarmament with Obama but  insisted that he first provide a valid “Certificate of Live Birth” to confirm  his right to speak for our divided Nation?
        REFLECTION: When an active, decorated Army Officer went to court, refusing transfer to Afghanistan until  Obama produced a valid “Certificate of Live Birth” to silence the many lawsuits  challenging his eligibility, the officer risked a military trial and possible  imprisonment yet Obama, rather than resolving this issue, sent  lawyers to  court to prevent disclosure of his Birth Certificate. Think about it-any  document which could and should corroborate his eligibility he keeps hidden from  view! Do we really need the proverbial house to fall upon us?
         REFLECTION: Just the  other day Fox News called itself “the most trusted name in News.” May viewers  and listeners ask Fox why it hasn’t reported on any of the previous or current  eligibility lawsuits. Ignoring all mention of them is truly “unfair and  unbalanced”, especially for a News Organization. Incidentally, the rest of the  News Media is so quiet on this issue they make a “silent” movie film seem  deafening by comparison.
           REFLECTION: Millions are clamoring for Obama to produce a valid  Certificate of Live Birth yet, at a recent meeting he asked that people stop  asking for it. What a pathetic response to a burning issue.
           REFLECTION: Obama has never, I repeat, never been “vetted”. Remember, the birth  certificate which he put on a website was not a Certificate of Live Birth and  was obviously a deliberate deception on his part since he knew it would not  justify his eligibility.
            REFLECTION: The passport used by him to enter war-ridden Pakistan in 1981 was not  a U.S.passport since U.S.passports were not issued in 1981 to regular American  citizens. Also, his school and medical records,etc.were all blocked by him from  public access.
             REFLECTION: Who would spend over 2 million dollars in legal fees rather than  simply produce a legitimate Certificate of Live Birth when seeking the office of  President, unless the Certificate would confirm  not his eligibility but  his ineligibility?
             REFLECTION: The U.S.Senate “vetted”John McCain yet later refused to “vet” Barack  Obama when requested to by Republicans.
             REFLECTION: Some argue that if the lawsuits presently in various courts force  Obama to release documents confirming that he is not a “natural-born” American  citizen there will be riots in the streets if he is removed from Office. Why, I  ask, if he obtained the Office unlawfully by deception or fraud, should he be  re-warded with the prize he unlawfully sought? Are Truth and Honesty no longer  desired attributes in a candidate? In 1973 some members of the Supreme Court  voted to permit the killing of innocent children in the womb while other members  today are more concerned about riots in the streets. How ironic-the first group  didn’t fear God’s anger while the second group fears Man’s!
              REFLECTION: If the withheld documents would truly confirm Obama’s eligibility, as  his supporters contend, why won’t any member of the Democratic Party suggest  their release to the public? The answer is obvious.
               REFLECTION: When Obama defenders claim eligibility arguments are racially  motivated consider that Alan Keyes, a black man who is a former presidential  candidate, instituted a lawsuit against Obama,charging he is not a  “natural-born” citizen. Is Keyes racially motivated-think about it?
               REFLECTION: Other  issues, such as Obama’s possible British, Kenyan or Indonesia citizenship are  being addressed by many others, adding to this list against someone who has  given a new meaning to the word ‘TRANSPARENCY’.
     I have been  writing for 18 years regarding Catholic teaching. A few people have inquired if  I have gone “political” recently by writing about Obama’s eligibility. As I  responded to them I now respond to present readers. My “eligibility” writing is  driven by our Constitution for without it we will invite anarchy. Until Obama  satisfactorily addresses all the unanswered issues his legitimacy cannot be  blindly presumed.
                                                                                                                                              With respect to all, I remain
                                                                                                                                               Yours in Truth,.
cc: everyone I could think  of
PS: Anyone wishing free copies of  previous letters may contact me at above addr.

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