Letter From Debbie Warren To Allen West

Mr. West,

I cannot confer a title upon you because I feel very strongly that you have violated all that those titles convey.

I am writing in answer to your email attached below. Being openly critical of ‘policies’ while not taking action against known crimes is merely window dressing and political B.S.

We are not stupid and we resent being treated as though we are. While your voters may have trusted you to ‘fight’ as you say…I can only assume many are disappointed and feel they trusted a pig in a poke.

Tell me about class warfare…did that have anything to do with your vote for the Pigford extortion payouts for BLACKS? Your empty explanation that you did not read or understand what you were voting for is a direct violation of your fiduciary duties and the legal requirements regarding legislative voting. It is an empty excuse and would be valid reason to issue a recall. You are REQUIRED to read and understand the entire piece of legislation PRIOR to any vote being cast; are you not? Additionally, your statement that some folks were just mad at you “…because you made it off the plantation…” speaks volumes about your core character and your agenda or intentions.

Further, if you are such a hero and willing to fight as you say; then why aren’t you fighting to remove the Usurper instead of merely giving lip service to your alleged issues with his policies? We would not be fighting all these battles and watching our country, our Constitution and future being trashed if you and the rest of the cowards and criminals in Congress and Justice departments…and our military leadership…actually stepped up and frog marched the criminal and first moocher out of our White House in hand cuffs.

Seems to me you are protecting another black man with no regard for his crimes prior to taking office and after his illegal installation. I have seen nothing from you regarding the massive amount of evidence that I know has been provided to you. You have the legal right and duty to also compel evidence…have you done so on behalf of our nation and your Oath of Office to protect and defend the Constitution?

I find it reprehensible that you are, like all the rest of the perverse and irresponsible fiduciaries we counted on to do their actual job, in perpetual campaign mode and constantly begging for more money from citizens who just don’t have much left to support themselves much less hand over to the very folks who have betrayed them and their trust and assisted in the fraud that rendered them jobless, homeless, sick and without resources and/or credit. We don’t want you jackasses to give us anything but your loyalty and fulfillment of your contract with us.

Like the Americans from all walks, colors, creeds and backgrounds who believed in the hype and lies B. Hussein Bounel Soetero Obama et al spewed, bobbled and ghetto strutted to acquire their money and votes; there are many of us who had nothing but good will toward you and a hopeful faith in your intentions and ability to lead. Your color did not and does not play into our opinions; unless and until your actions and words tell us something different. You have played the race card and should pay the price for that in losing our trust and faith in you as a man who can represent all of us.

You trade upon your military service, yet many American patriots feel you have violated that Oath as well. You cannot fall back on the statement that the President is your Commander in Chief if you know (and surely you know…) that the White House resident is illegally occupying that office. You failed your fellow military officer when you refused to assist LTC Lakin; did you not?

We judge you as a man, as a citizen, as a military officer and now as a legislator. As a citizen, you pledge allegiance and as a military officer and legislator; you pledge a much more serious and fiduciary Oath. We see you and we wonder how you look yourself in the mirror and how you face your children.

To be clear; I am a lifelong Republican…but realized in the past few years that my choice of Party was a false choice. There is only one Party running this country and it is composed of Republicans and Democrats. I have no Party…I have only my country and the Constitution to believe in. I also believe in my fellow patriots. I am a Conservative Constitutional American.

You say we can’t retreat?! What have you and the rest of our fiduciaries done but retreat? There is an international criminal cabal operating in our country and controlling our politics and our economy. There is most probably a foreign enemy agent in our White House and issuing Executive Orders, taking us into wars and much more while you all sit in silent acquiescence. There is a heinous agenda which America is paying the most in dollars and debt to advance through the United Nations and Agenda 21. There is more than enough probable cause to arrest the Usurper and many more who aided, abetted in his crimes and continue to protect him…and it appears you are one of those protectors.

How many more crimes and abuses are we to witness before those whom we placed in a position of power actually ACT instead of whine and complain? What the hell good are you and the rest of our representatives if we are subject to the whims and decisions of twelve select jackasses who will bypass Congress and our system of checks and balances in concert with an illegal President? What the hell are we paying all of you useless cowards for if you aren’t gong to do the job and prevent this illegal system of government that is being instituted?

You weren’t hired to dance. You weren’t hired to tell us stories and fables. You were not elected to vote your personal conscience or further your personal desires. You were not hired to spend your time selling Allan West for more contributions and votes. You weren’t hired to whine and complain and tell us which policies stink.

Carville joked about Hillary giving Obama one of her balls. Hell, as much as I despise her; she probably has more balls than the entire Republican legislative body combined.

Debbie Warren



About luchadora41

Born-again Christian Zionist; Conservative/Tea Partier; Chippewa; pro-Constitution; anti-Sharia; proud of all who dare to fight for freedom; support our troops; dedicated to restoring America; happy to know Jesus!
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