Obama Claims His Dictatorial Powers-Please Stop Him

This is exactly why I don’t support any of the Representatives or Senators who voted yes on the debt deal. It never was about the debt, it was about changing our Constitution. Get busy with your criminal complaints, America. We’re concentrating on emailing Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, and Governor Jan Brewer. Sheriff Joe has agreed to look into Obama’s eligilibity issue after being visited by Jerome Corsi and the Tea Party, and we’re showing our support of that as well as encouraging him and Gov. Brewer to pursue the charges of Treason. Sheriff Joe knows who Walt Fitzpatrick is, and is aware of the Treason charges. Please email and call these two leaders of the border state of Arizona…they have the most at stake right now and hopefully if they know they have nationwide support, they’ll act. Thank you, Patriots. Information can be found on the Maricopa County Sheriff’s website.


About luchadora41

Born-again Christian Zionist; Conservative/Tea Partier; Chippewa; pro-Constitution; anti-Sharia; proud of all who dare to fight for freedom; support our troops; dedicated to restoring America; happy to know Jesus!
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3 Responses to Obama Claims His Dictatorial Powers-Please Stop Him

  1. Frank95054 says:

    It is imperative that citizens write to every General Officer in our Armed Services asking them to honor their oath and restore our Republic! You can get their address from the Pentagon’s web site. Look for Installation commanders like TRADOC, 9th Inf, etc.

    • luchadora41 says:

      Great idea, Frank. There is also a movement on Facebook called the Adopters of the People’s Declaration to Revoke and Abolish, written by Dena Marlene Campbell. The document is awesome, and the group is hoping to get citizens motivated and rallying. Thanks again.

  2. Come on, tell me how you really feel.

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