Revealing The Truth About Barack Hussein Obama

Revealing the Truth about Barack Hussein Obama

Some facts about Obama in simple words.

1. He was born from Muslim blood. (Which in Islam makes him automatically a Muslim)
Barrack Hussein Obama
Kenyan Family Album

2. He was educated in a school where as Muslim he was educated on Islam for a minimum of two hours weekly.

3. For a better education he attended a Catholic school, which many Muslims do.

4. He had nothing to do with Christianity until he married his wife.

5. He joined a cult church, a non-Christian church.

6. He never denounced Islam or Mohammad or the Qur’an.

7. There is no record that he was baptized.

8. From his own words, we can judge him, for he made fun of Christianity, the Bible, Old Testament and New Testament, which proves he is not a Christian.

9. When a Muslim leaves Islam to Christianity, there would be a 100% fatwa (decree for him to be killed) issued against his life.
a) A Fatwa has never been issued on Obama. But the opposite is true, for the Muslim world is endorsing and supporting him. This includes Louis Farrakkan’s endorsement. Some may say that Obama has distanced himself for his radical minister and from Louis Farrakkan but my response is very simple, it is an act because he, his pastor , and Farrakkan, know if he does not say that. he will lose the vote of the rest of the country.

b) He was welcomed to Kenya as a Muslim hero recently.Obama’s older brother Malik Obama.

c) Muslims in America support him, even financially “One dollar for one nation under God “(Allah).
d) As a senator, he has and continues to employ members of The Nation of Islam. Cynthia K. Miller was the treasurer of His U.S. Senate campaign. Jennifer Mason is Obama’s director of Constituent Services in his U.S. Senate office and is also in charge of selecting Obama’s senate interns. – (

10. His agenda for the Whitehouse clearly shows he is Muslim.
a) Remove our army immediately from the Middle East.
b) He sits and eats dinner with Muslim jihadist.
c) Removing the idea of the use of nuclear weapons in any circumstance.
d) Passing a hate crime bill that will silence anyone who speaks against Islam.

11. His stance on the issue of gay marriage and abortion proves he is not a Christian.


About luchadora41

Born-again Christian Zionist; Conservative/Tea Partier; Chippewa; pro-Constitution; anti-Sharia; proud of all who dare to fight for freedom; support our troops; dedicated to restoring America; happy to know Jesus!
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2 Responses to Revealing The Truth About Barack Hussein Obama

  1. moonbeam45 says:

    Well written, Kristy. Obama is this Nations worst nightmare. He must be removed from office immediately
    .I rely on our Lord for guidance here.

    God Bless

    • luchadora says:

      Thank you, Moonbeam, but I just copied it from an email I got and didn’t realize there wasn’t a name on it before I posted it and deleted the email. Yes, He must be removed immediately, and my hope and prayer is that we get enough criminal complaints pouring in to get the nation’s attention. Yes, we must rely on our Lord for guidance here. He is in control, and even though we know many things have to be, maybe some things don’t have to be. God bless!

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