List Of #Republicans Who Voted Against The Debt Deal And Why I Support Them

I would like to thank all 85 of you who voted against the debt deal. In my opinion, I believe that anyone who voted for it has voted against our Constitution, as concentrating the power of Congress to only 13 members, with an illegitimate President having the final vote, is nowhere in our Constitution, and I no longer recognize anyone who voted for it. I think they have committed Treason by signing it, and I do not view them as legitimate Representatives of the United States of America.

I commend you all in the preservation of our Constitution, and in the stand you’ve taken in not signing this piece of legislation. Looking forward to finding a Grand Jury who will prosecute Mr. Obama for the charges of Treason already brought against him in 2009.  ~Unrepentant Patriot

Republicans in the United States House of Representatives who voted against the final debt deal on August 1, 2011:

1. Congressman Todd Akin (R-Missouri)  Twitter: @ToddAkin

2. Congressman Justin Amash (R-Michigan)  Twitter: @repjustinamash

3. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-Minnesota)  Twitter: @MicheleBachmann

4. Congressman Rob Bishop (R-Utah) Twitter: @CongressmanRob

5. Congressman Mo Brooks (R-Alabama)  Twitter: @RepMoBrooks

6. Congressman Paul C. Broun (R-Georgia)  Twitter: @RepPaulBrounMD

7. Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle (R-New York)  Twitter: @RepBuerkle

8. Congressman Dan Burton (R-Indiana)  Twitter: @RepDanBurton

9. Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah)  Twitter: @jasoninthehouse

10. Congressman Chip Cravaack (R-Minnesota)  Twitter: @RepChipCravaack

11. Congressman Geoff Davis (R-Kentucky)  Twitter: @RepGeoffDavis

12. Congressman Scott DesJarlais (R-Tennessee)  Twitter: @DesJarlaisTN04

13. Congressman Jeff Duncan (R-South Carolina)  Twitter: @RepJeffDuncan

14. Congressman Jeff Flake (R-Arizona)  Twitter: @JeffFlake

15. Congressman Jeff Fleischmann (R-Tennessee)

16. Congressman John C. Fleming (R-Louisana)  Twitter: @RepFleming

17. Congressman J. Randy Forbes (R-Virginia)  Twitter: @RepRandyForbes

18. Congressman Trent Franks (R-Arizona)  Twiter: @RepTrentFranks

19. Congressman Scott Garrett (R-New Jersey)

20. Congressman Phil Gingrey (R-Georgia)  Twitter: @RepPhilGingrey

21. Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-Texas)  Twitter: @replouiegohmert

22. Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-South Carolina)  Twitter: @TGowdySC

23. Congressman Tom Graves (R-Georgia)  Twitter: @RepTomGraves

24. Congressman Morgan Griffith (R-Virginia)  Twitter: @RepMGriffith

25. Congressman Ralph Hall (R-Texas)

26. Congressman Andy Harris (R-Maryland)

27. Congresswoman Vicki Hartzler (R-Missouri) Twitter: @RepHartzler

28. Congressman Tim Huelskamp (R-Kansas)  Twitter: @TimHuelskamp

29. Congressman Randy Hultgren (R-Illinois)   Twitter: @RepHultgren

30. Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-California)  Twitter: @DuncanHunter

31. Congressman Timothy V. Johnson (R-Illinois)  Twitter: @RepTimJohnson

32. Congressman Walter B. Jones (R-North Carolina)  Twitter: @RepWalterJones

33. Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio)  Twitter: @Jim_Jordan

34. Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa)  Twitter: @SteveKingIA

35. Congressman Jack Kingston (R-Georgia)  Twitter: @JackKingston

36. Congressman Raul Labrador (R-Idaho)  Twitter: @Raul_Labrador

37. Congressman Doug Lamborn (R-Colorado)

38. Congressman Jeff Landry (R-Louisana)  Twitter: @repjefflandry

39. Congressman Tom Latham (R-Iowa)  Twitter: @TomLatham

40. Congressman Connie Mack (R-Florida)  Twitter: @RepConnieMack

41. Congressman Tom McClintock (R-California)  Twitter: @RepMcClintock

42. Congressman Mick Mulvaney (R-South Carolina)  Twitter: @RepMickMulvaney

43. Congressman Randy Neugebauer (R-Texas)  Twitter: @RandyNeugebauer

44. Congressman Devin Nunes (R-California)  Twitter: @DevinNunes

45. Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas)  Twitter: @RonPaul

46. Congressman Steve Pearce (R-New Mexico)  Twitter: @RepStevePearce

47. Congressman Ted Poe (R-Texas)  Twitter: @JudgeTedPoe

48. Congressman Bill Posey (R-Florida)  Twitter: @congbillposey

49. Congressman Ben Quayle (R-Arizona)  Twitter: @benquayle

50. Congressman Denny Rehberg (R-Montana)  Twitter: @DennyRehberg

51. Congresswoman Martha Roby (R-Alabama)  Twitter: @RepMarthaRoby

52. Congressman Todd Rokita (R-Indiana)  Twitter: @ToddRokita

53. Congressman Dennis Ross (R-Florida)  Twitter: @RepDennisRoss

54. Congressman Steve Scalise (R-Louisana)

55. Congressman David Schweikert (R-Arizona)  Twitter: @RepDavid

56. Congressman Tim Scott (R-South Carolina)  Twitter: @RepTimScott

57. Congressman Austin Scott (R-Georgia)  Twitter: @AustinScottGA08

58. Congressman Steve Southerland, II (R-Florida)  Twitter: @Rep_Southerland

59. Congressman Cliff Stearns (R-Florida)  Twitter: @RepCliffStearns

60. Congressman Marlin Stutzman (R-Indiana)  Twitter: @RepStutzman

61. Congressman Scott Tipton (R-Colorado)  Twitter: @RepTipton

62. Congressman Michael Turner (R-Ohio)  Twitter: @RepMikeTurner

63. Congressman Joe Walsh (R-Illinois)  Twitter: @RepJoeWalsh

64. Congressman Lynn A. Westmoreland (R-Georgia)  Twitter: @RepWestmoreland

65. Congressman Joe Wilson (R-South Carolina)  Twitter: @CongJoeWilson

66. Congressman Kevin Yoder (R-Kansas)  Twitter: @RepKevinYoder

Republicans in the United States Senate who voted against the final debt deal on August 2, 2011:

1. Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-New Hampshire)  Twitter: @SenatorAyotte

2. Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-Georgia)  Twitter: @saxby08

3. Senator Dan Coats (R-Indiana)  Twitter: @SenDanCoats

4. Senator Tom Coburn (R-Oklahoma)  Twitter: @TomCoburn

5. Senator Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina)  Twitter: @JimDeMint

6. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina)  Twitter: @GrahamBlog

7. Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa)  Twitter: @ChuckGrassley

8. Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah)  Twitter: @OrrinHatch

9. Senator Dean Heller (R-Nevada)  Twitter: @SenDeanHeller

10. Senator James M. Inhofe (R-Oklahoma)  Twitter: @jiminhofe

11. Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin)  Twitter: @SenRonJohnson

12. Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah)  Twitter: @SenMikeLee

13. Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kansas)  Twitter: @JerryMoran

14. Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky)  Twitter: @SenRandPaul

15. Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida)  Twitter: @marcorubio

16. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama)  Twitter: @SenatorSessions

17. Senator Richard Shelby (R-Alabama)  Twitter: @SenShelbyPress

18. Senator Pat Toomey (R-Pennsylvania)  Twitter: @SenToomey

19. Senator David Vitter (R-Louisana)  Twitter: @senatorvitter


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Born-again Christian Zionist; Conservative/Tea Partier; Chippewa; pro-Constitution; anti-Sharia; proud of all who dare to fight for freedom; support our troops; dedicated to restoring America; happy to know Jesus!
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