“Progressive Terrorism” – A Littman Observational Rant

“Progressive Terrorism” – A Littman Observational Rant

            Posted by Toddy Littman | Posted on 30 Jul : 15:21 |  Comments: 0
This is the only phrase to define myriad events over the last, more than 2 years.

Take, for instance, the bank bailout that failed in the House originally, only to have Harry Reid use a little questioned procedure to make the bank bailout bill into an amendment that is then attached to a “vehicle,” a bill that already passed the House, a technique used regularly by government to get legislation through that benefits the government and its growth, even when it’s against The Will Of The People.  Of course this is irrespective of our contacting our representatives and telling them to vote no on the bank bailout, at a ratio of 9:1.

This, incidentally, should help comprehend why our illustrious President and the Democrats regularly claim the wealthy as the enemy, a wealthy whose ability to be wealthy is constantly taxed by government, either in money or extra effort caused by creating government bureaucratic jobs to “regulate” them.  With 90% of the American People being against the Bank Bailouts, people who I joined with, shouting “let em fail,” it’s obvious that this can be turned into a jealousy, and it seems the Progressives are hopeful this type of negative reaction to the wealthy will lead to support of “tax the rich” and “redistribution of wealth.”  My support for the banks failing was the fact that the structure of the Bank Bailouts is tantamount to socializing the banking system and placing all control over banking in the hands of government, a reason we have an independent central bank is to keep it from being run by Congress, and thereby socialism, by centralizing the power of the economy under the Government, instead of in private enterprise holding an Individual’s private property as it has been for more than 200 years.

In any event, it is worth noting that Mr. Reid, a well-known Progressive Democrat, actually carried on all this extra-Constitutional illegality to help pass Bank Bailout legislation that was originally proposed by Henry Paulson, the Treasury Secretary under George W. Bush.  And this effort led to the Bank Bailout being passed by attachment to legislation as an amendment to a bill that had already passed the House, leveraging the political capital of the original bill that had passed the House, against the amendment that 90% of the American People didn’t want. (see http://changingwind.org/index/comment.php?comment.news.2 for a detailed explanation)

I will keep this article as short as possible by citing an article explaining the illegality of the Patient Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), an illegality to Our Written Constitution, having to do with the very process Barack Obama said doesn’t matter, a process that is significant enough that the Department of Justice exposed this illegality inadvertently when looking for a constitutional authority to impose an individual mandate (see http://changingwind.org/index/comment.php?comment.news.121).  Naturally, the Progressive-run executive branch claimed “the mandate is a tax imposed by the Federal Government’s Authority under the commerce clause,” made up powers that don’t exist but are used in “flim-flam” fashion to suggest reasonableness, to suggest that We The People granted an all-encompassing, unlimited power to the government we were instituting as our servant.

But we can’t blame the left, I mean, people regularly give more power over their property than is needed to those who service them, such as their gardener, someone who cleans their home, someone who cooks for them, or the guy who cleans their window poorly for loose change when stopped at a traffic signal, etc.  We expect to find these people who serve us withdrawing money from our bank accounts whenever they wish, to make sure those we hire to serve us have equal authority over our own money and property, even sleeping in our bed, and using our homes as their own… Obviously I had a Bill Maher, Michael Moore, George Soros, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett, and Bill Gates,  moment by posing this example.  Clearly those who have worked for them are equally as well off as the billionaire we know by name… Wait, they’re not?  Then why would a People, whose newly found freedom is their wealth and opportunity since 1776, decide to have a servant government, that is no less a servant than the gardener, be given great authority over them and their property?  We, Our Founders and their Posterity, us, did not give such authority to our servant government in DC.

Now, of course we must not forget that Americans are more concerned with having a job than inventing, designing, and being ingenious, to create jobs, for themselves and others.  That it is the democrats who spent all this time on healthcare and had 2 years, around 730 days, to reduce government influence over the economy, and thereby cease government from stifling job growth in the private sector.  Instead the democrats enacted legislation after legislation of “fundamental transformation” that causes a negative business environment, unable to plan for a successful future and unable to create jobs – Using their super majority to carry on a political agenda of social justice, instead of the Will Of The American People and alleviating our concerns as is the duty of our government and its purpose in our institution of it.  (You’ll find democrats complain about republicans having done nothing to create jobs since they took over… diverting attention from the well demonstrated exclusive political power, purpose & intention of Progressivism and it’s Democrat Acolyte Clergy in Congress.)

During the 2 years before the 2010 elections that the Progressive democrats spent their time in Congress focusing on social concerns, imposing their political agenda by super majority upon Americans against their will.  Democrats used the uptick in crime when the economy is down as an opportunity to exploit the poor, the elderly, and unemployed because their agenda intends by design to fail to do anything to aid a capitalist private sector that could help our communities and nation the most, as private wealth has done for more than 200 years.

A perfect example of this is the so-called “loophole” characterization of charity (a loophole Obama wants to get rid of) and how this has been stifled by 2 years of uncertainty, of willful neglect of duty to the American People by Congress.  Even Nancy Pelosi and the House had failed to pass a budget for those 2 years, and it was only once the Republicans came to power that a budget was done, and, exclusively by party based political power, summarily denied by Harry Reid’s Senate – clearly not ours since he never seems to want anything done that his party doesn’t want done, even if it’s best for America.  This reveals the absolute lack of any sense of owedness to the American people for granting those in Washington D.C. the Honor to Serve at Our Pleasure by election to office.

I take that back, Healthcare, the green agenda, and the “Big Auto Bailouts” are, and continue to be, political payback to those whose hundreds of billions of dollars in pension money, helped to get Barack Obama elected:  Unions.  So I guess there is a sense of owedness to those particular American People, unequally of course.

Unions, whose leaders can regularly be seen meeting with Barack Obama, and who openly admit their complete embrace of Karl Marx’s notions about labor union uprising to overthrow capitalism, and a centralized government, the same Union Leaders using the wealth of their members (dues money and pension fund profits) for political influence, to bring about a democracy for the union leader’s purposes and ideological appreciations; unions who carry on acts of subversion against Americans because we are not subjects of our government, the true comprehension of a “republican form of government.”

This might explain why no one needed to “read the bill” before voting for Obamacare, or why democrats regularly rubberstamp the actions of Harry Reid and Barack Obama.

It is worth noting that the persistent control of the Senate by Harry Reid, has resulted in an even greater period of time of Progressive failure to meet their constitutional obligation to create a budget than Progressive time lost in their promises to create jobs, and this failure to make a budget is to assure there can be no means of accountability for government’s actions, no promised spending by budget allocation to allow for a measurable comparison that could be brought to the attention of the American People and show the Progressive spending is wasteful.

Up until Harry Reid’s latest proposal, he and President Barack Obama, spent these last months fighting with republicans for revenue increases (and fear-mongering over not raising the debt ceiling), showing absolute rejection to all conservative republican ideas to cut spending, claiming the rejection is solely on the basis of “a lack of a revenue component” (taxation).  Now, of course, they blame the Tea Party, Republicans, and anyone they could find that will deflect placing the blame squarely on Harry “Naysay” Reid and Barack “Tax-The-Rich-Or-Veto” Obama for the debt ceiling crisis not being solved, to blame these “Progressive Democrats” for the Progressive digression of taking a simple debt ceiling vote and turning it into a political circus of created Progressive Crisis (wasting time and negotiating in bad faith thereby, exclusively for political purposes).

“Progressive politics” the purpose entire, their agenda being pushed even when the American People resoundingly voted them out of power in the House, a purpose driven solely by the belief of the Progressive left that when We, The People — financially, the Principal when it comes to filling the United States Treasury and paying the debts of the United States Government — want the Government spending of our money to be cut, that this is a political opportunity to take advantage of weakness of our nation, to further abuse and mock, our people, government, and nation.  This is the Progressive “shovel-ready” project of constantly raising heaping roadblocks of hot air for argument’s sake, to agitate until We The People Are Overwhelmed with a sense of “what’s the use” and consider “giving up,” their ideas featuring an expense component, set forth knowing they waste, not only our money and time, but our sense of hope, as well as ability to dream and design into the future.

Harry Reid’s latest Proposal, which Barack Obama pressed people to get behind in his speech to the nation on July 25th, (urging tweets to republicans to compromise), includes no increases in government revenues.  Months of time wasted, even Barack Obama waiting until the last minute to then tell John Boehner “I’d like an additional 400 billion,”of a deal at 800 billion in revenues on July 22, 2011, the President’s statement prompted the end of the meetings of the President and Congressional leaders (Almost seems intentionally said by President Obama and that he wanted the talks to end doesn’t it?).

I submit to you, that all off this was done to waste time on purpose, to create a sense of crisis in the American People for the political advantages fear provides.  The debt ceiling situation reaching crisis levels due to democrats’ Progressive Political Power games, is Progressive Terrorism against America.  The fact that the last time we had a government shut down and that the republicans were blamed, is the basis for this entire schedule of the last 2 years’ history I’ve laid before you, and Barack Obama confirms that these ideas were amongst their considerations even before passing Obamacare.

The Healthcare summit is when Barack Obama said “that’s what elections are for” in regard to the democrats’ ideas being staunchly opposed by the minority House Republicans, and that the democrats were going to do a healthcare act whether we like it or not.  Thus, Obama showed that he anticipated that in 2010 the democrats would lose the House.  Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi still hadn’t passed a budget by then, and consider the Progressive agenda that had already taken place without Americans standing up and saying “no more,” that the democrat-controlled Congress had been able to snooker the American People to get the Bank Bailouts done, as well as the Big Auto bailouts that handed unions 20% interest in GM and Chrysler, and passed the failed $767 billion stimulus that cost $864 billion with interest to borrow the money.

Can you see the orchestration, the intention and plan to destroy America in the actions of inaction?

Here’s My list: The Progressive failure of Obama & the Democrats to care about reporting to the American People by producing a budget for more than 2 years; Progressive failure to repeal laws that address our economic needs in capitalism, laws to limit bureaucratic red tape (particularly of powers the government was never given in the first place) to free up the marketplace and create job opportunities; combined, these led to consistent Progressive failure to assure our business community can thrive, investing and hiring people, and thereby decreasing unemployment; Progressive failure to think of anyone but themselves and political power, their “Progressive success” to show that their agenda is not to aid the middle class, the poor, or to tax-the-rich, but, an agenda of mocking, exploiting, and belittling the American People — of frustrating the already frustrated by crisis after crisis to purposefully overwhelm us — in certainty we’ll capitulate to Government’s power and eventually support whatever they do without question, often becoming numb and turning away as “it is too much to think about,” a relinquishment of our duty to ourselves due to Government’s lead boot of “Progressive Chaos by mock crisis.”

This is their religious belief in evolution on display under the banner “Progressivism,” to enact mankind’s capacity to survive according to the rule of survival of the fittest based on who can con the people into following them, the assumption being that the reaction to oppressive behavior by force affords those who committed such acts of force to oppress the right to be rulers.  This is the Progressive salvation of humanity, at least according to those who wish to be such rulers over the rest of us whether we like it or not.

Thank you for reading,

Toddy Littman


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