Why Bloody Civil War Is Inevitable~Anthony Martin

Why bloody civil war is inevitable

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As a perfect example of the deep divide that bests the nation today, the current debt talks in Congress encapsulate the very reason that bloody civil war is inevitable–eventually. Liberty does not and cannot compromise with tyranny. The practice of the current Administration and Democrats in Congress to spend the nation into oblivion is nothing less than economic tyranny. The reason? The debt that results from such spending will enslave all future generations of Americans as far as the eye can see into posterity. And those who love freedom will never stand for it.

The problem, however, goes much deeper than the debt crisis. Americans are also deeply divided on the nature of government. Is government limited and restricted by a valid Constitution that guards individual liberty against government, or should the nation adhere to the ‘progressive‘ vision that government, not individuals, has certain unalienable rights, among those being the right to render the Constitution meaningless if it stands in the way of forced ‘progress,’ which is nothing more than a euphemism for centralized control over every aspect of human life, right down to what citizens can eat, drink, drive, and read?

Americans as a whole are at best fickle about this issue and at worst deeply and bitterly divided. Those who straddle the fence will, in fact, give up some of their liberties if government sweetens the pie. But they are uncomfortable in doing so. In theory they will vociferously defend the American tradition of independence and freedom, but in practice they will occasionally go right along with the progressive vision and vote into office the very people who will seek to destroy that American tradition. Meanwhile, those who are deeply and bitterly divided increasingly hurl insults at each other, some of which is entirely justified. A freedom-loving citizen in the tradition of Jefferson will not and cannot stand for the constant incursions into liberty as represented by one of the progessive bastions in the nation today, New York. In such places it is commonplace for the governmental powers-that-be to dictate to property owners what they can and cannot do, such as how much fat to put in restaurant dishes, or banning all smoking, even on private property, or forbidding good citizens from defending themselves against dangerous thugs with the firearm of their choice.

At one time America was settled as to what such practices constitute–tyranny, or, as citizens put it during WWII and the Cold War, ‘Fascism,’ ‘Naziism,’ or ‘Communism.’ The terms are interchangeable because each amounts to the very same thing in practice–the power of big government to take away the rights of citizens and to encroach upon their God-given freedoms.

Today, however, those issues are settled only in certain areas of the country. In the South, Southwest, and in some of the Rocky Mountains and High Plains states, citizens still refer to such government action as tyranny. But not in New York, Vermont, Illinois, California, or Connecticut. And with each passing year the bitter feelings between these groups only grow deeper.

One writer in particular has suggested that it is time for the United States to divide–one nation being the ‘Progressive States of America,’ and the other being the ‘Constitutional States of America.’ Another writer quickly disputed such a division, declaring that freedom-loving Americans in the tradition of our Founders are not willing to give up one single inch of the nation to progressive tyranny.

The latter sentiment is the prudent one for the simple fact that Patriots are well-aware that there are freedom-loving Americans who live in those areas of the country controlled by leviathans who routinely run roughshod over their rights. These Patriots live in exile in a land that seems foreign to them, although at one time in the past they remember when it was not so. It is for this reason that this writer has often said that local and state governments can be just as dangerous and oppressive as the federal government. Tyranny is tyranny even if it is perpetrated by a state legislature or a town council.

Thus, the day is coming when there will be bloody war, like it or not. Those of us who are committed to the concept of human freedom are not willing to give up another inch of liberty to the progressives. And we are committed to getting back the liberties lost in those dark areas of the country where the babbling, blathering bloviation of progressive buffoons holds sway.

Ann Barnhardt (via WRSA) writes a deeply thought-provoking piece entitled, ‘How Liberty Dies,’ in which she uses a recent occurrence in the debt ceiling talks to illustrate how dangerously close the United States has come to morphing into a dictatorship. ‘He who hath ears to hear, let him hear.’

The time is growing short. Dark storm clouds are right overhead. The only question is how long will it take for the seething tensions to erupt into a violent storm. That storm will not be instigated by Patriots. Power-hungry progressives are the aggressors. And if they attempt to enforce their assault on the liberties of the citizens with deadly force, the defenders of liberty will mount a fierce resistance.

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